Social Security Planning

Developing a plan for taking Social Security can help you make the most of this retirement benefit. There are many different questions that come up when deciding when to take social security, including health, longevity, and other sources of retirement income. It can be helpful to review your options with a financial advisor to find the optimal strategy for your personal situation. Mundt & Associates leverages financial planning tools, and social security specialists to bring clients the most up to date information, so they can be confident in making the right decision. With a little proactive planning, a client can make a more informed decision resulting in tens of thousands of dollars of additional benefit for them and their family.

Who needs social security planning? Both retirees and individuals that are nearing retirement can benefit from this planning. At Mundt & Associates, we build social security planning into your overall financial plan to show you when might be the best time to take social security, and in what way. Contact us today to review your plan!