Non-Qualified Plans

Non-Qualified plans are retirement plans that provide clients with retirement funds that aren't subject to as much tax in retirement. Many of our clients are concerned with rising taxes, and what that might mean for their retirement funds. Building a nest egg that protects your funds from future taxation can be a valuable part of your overall plan.

Who needs non-qualified planning? If you believe that taxes are going to be higher in the future, a non-qualified plan might be a good fit for you. If you are limited in what you can contribute to your qualified plan at work, such as an employer sponsored retirement plan, and you wish to save more, you may also benefit from a non-qualified plan.

Already have a non-qualified plan in place? Have you reviewed it recently? There are several ways to save in a tax preferential way. We analyze your current plan and provide input to help you choose the most optimal way to save for your retirement and we utilize a virtual team of experts to bring you the best solutions.